Ayushman Bhav 16th December 2017 Written Update

Ayushman Bhav 16th December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Ayushman Bhav 16th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bubbly and Sudhir having chips. He gets glad that she has shared the chips when he was hungry. She says we will eat something else, like Chole, Rajma, aloo paratha. Sudhir says I m lucky to have such a wife, go and make aloo paratha for me. She asks him to do cooking, she will enjoy the food. He goes. Samaira comes to Krish and argues. He asks her to recall, she has dumped Avi when he loved her a lot. He says you left Avi for money, you don’t deserve any love. He goes.

Bubbly stops Maa from eating anything. She asks her not to spoil health. She goes. Sudhir sees Maai mixing something in the halwa. He asks what are you doing. She says sometimes a small thing also shakes relations, just see how this stones hurt their relation. Krish works out. Kavya asks him to

stop exercising now. He says I have to protect everyone. She gets halwa and asks him to taste it. Maai and Sudhir look on. Krish eats the halwa and says its tasty. Maai says why is Krish not reacting. Kavya says I kept halwa for Kaushalya too. She eats halwa and stops. She says don’t know, how did this happen, don’t eat this. He says its fine, I will eat it, you have made it, smile now. She smiles.
Krish keeps an eye on Sudhir. Sudhir says we should get this tender. He goes and collides. Sudhir’s papers fall down. Krish adds some papers in the file. Sudhir taunts him and asks him to give the papers back. Krish hands over the papers. Sudhir goes to Vikrant and gives the tender papers. He asks Vikrant to sign on it. He says we have to wait for right time and see Krish. He goes. Krish looks on and prays. Vikrant gets a call. He goes for imp work. Krish says I will take your signs Vikrant, then I will turn your life’s chapter. Sudhir asks Bubbly does she have cold. Bubbly says yes, I feel unwell. Kavya attends work calls. She gets her friend’s call. She tells about Krish. Her friend says we are coming to meet you and your husband. Kavya invites them for dinner. She tells Vikrant that she invited her friends for dinner. He says sure, we will have dinner together. Maai says we won’t get better chance to separate Krish and Kavya, this meeting shouldn’t be good, we have to know them well, Krish drinks juice every day, but if he drinks something else and loses respect, it will be good.

He says my friend gifted me this bottle, this has snake poison, Krish will lose his senses, add this in Krish’s juice. Maai spikes the drink and sends by the servant. Bubbly stops him. He says I m taking this for Krish. She takes the glass. Sudhir sends the servant with the glass. He manages to divert her. Kavya takes the glass from servant. She goes to Krish and gives the juice glass. Vikrant looks on. Kavya asks Krish to drink it. Krish drinks and coughs. Kavya asks are you fine. Maai and Vikrant smile seeing him drinking the juice. Kavya tells Krish that her friends want to meet him. He says let them come, we will ask servant to make something good.

Krish gets drunk. He says I want to say something. Adha ishq….plays……….. She hugs him.

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