Ayushman Bhav 18th December 2017 Written Update

Ayushman Bhav 18th December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Ayushman Bhav 18th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish getting drunk and greeting Kavya’s friends. He says we shall party today, we will have food and then dance. Vikrant and Maai smile. Kavya’s friend says he likes to party. Kavya asks him is he fine. Krish asks the girls to come and party. They dine together. He flirts with Kavya. Kavya gets tensed. Krish reminds them that he is Kavya’s bodyguard. Kavya laughs and says he jokes a lot, he was bodyguard, now he is with dad in family business. Krish asks servant to get sweets. Kavya worries. Her friends gift her. Kavya says this wasn’t needed. Krish asks them to play music. Krish dances with the girls. Kavya tries to control him.

Kavya asks are you drunk, answer me. Her friends leave. Vikrant smiles. The gift box falls. Krish picks it and apologizes. Kavya

gets sad. Maai says I got this wine bottle from his room. Kavya asks him again. He says I didn’t see this bottle ever, I don’t drink. She takes him to the room. He apologizes. She says you sleep, don’t worry, we will talk in morning. He says sorry, I always want to see you happy, I wanted to say…. She hugs him and smiles.
Kavya recalls his behavior. Vikrant comes to her and asks is she fine. She says yes. He says Krish has ashamed us today, wine takes away person’s humanity and others’ respect, I didn’t know he is such, I feel I hurried to take the decision, I feel guilty. He asks her not to worry for anyone and just decide for her life. She asks him not to worry. She says I m very happy with Krish, he is a very nice guy, thanks for bringing him in my life, our relation will be the loveliest one. She hugs him. He says fine, if you belief him, I want to see you happy. She asks him not to worry. She goes. He gets angry. He says I have to do something to separate them.

Its morning, Krish tells Vikrant that Maai is in temple. He confronts Vikrant for making him drunk. He threatens to ruin his life and goes. Vikrant says whatever will happen with you will be because of Kavya. Krish comes to Kavya and apologizes. She says you have already apologized to me, no need to apologize again. She cheers him. He says I know I did much wrong. She asks him to smile.

Krish says I know Vikrant loves me, when is he giving us a marriage gift. Kavya thanks Vikrant for naming the house to Kaushalya. Vikrant and Maai get shocked.

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