Ayushman Bhav 19th December 2017 Written Update

Ayushman Bhav 19th December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Ayushman Bhav 19th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish thinking how to remind Sudhir about Vikrant’s sign. He fools Sudhir and reminds him about tenders. Sudhir goes to take Vikrant’s sign. Sudhir goes to Vikrant and asks are you fine. Vikrant gets angry on him. Krish looks on. Sudhir asks him to sign the file, they can miss the work if they don’t submit file on time. Vikrant asks him to stop it. He signs on the papers. Krish gets glad.

Krish meets Badri and says I have to do a lot. Badri asks him to make Vikrant beg for money, you won by making Vikrant sign the property papers, if Kavya knows this, I m afraid she can misunderstand you. Krish asks him not to worry, he knows a way. Its morning, Kavya does puja with the family. Vikrant stares at Krish. Kavya gives aarti to everyone. Krish says I know you love

me a lot, when are you giving a marriage gift to us. Kavya asks what’s the need for gift, dad did a lot for us. Krish says I heard this family keeps customs, I don’t want to break any tradition. Vikrant says I will get many gifts for you. Kavya goes to give aarti to Kaushalya. Vikrant asks Krish not to be mistaken that he can use Kavya against them. He says I will just get gifts for Kavya, not you, I will give you gift my way. Krish laughs. Vikrant says you have no right on this house and Kavya. He goes. Krish prays to Krishna.
Bubbly asks Samaira what did Vikrant order for her. She asks did she apply any perfume. Samaira says no, I didn’t get anything. Bubbly says I will go and see, if there is anything for me. Samaira thinks what did Vikrant get for me. Kavya comes to Kaushalya and asks her to stay with them. Kaushalya says I m content and fine here. Kavya says you are part of my family, Krish loves you. Kaushalya says yes, you both love me, but I m happy here. Kavya says no, you will stay with us. Vikrant sees the gifts. He gives a box to Samaira. She sees the imitation jewelry. He insults her. She asks him to give the gift to Kavya from her side. Sudhir asks Bubbly what is she doing. She says Vikrant got many gifts for Kavya. He asks did you go mad, let new things come fast. Krish tries to read a book. Kavya gets ready. She smiles. Adha ishq….plays….

Krish thinks Kavya can’t get punished for Vikrant’s crimes, Kavya is a nice girl. Kavya goes to Vikrant. He asks can’t I give you any surprise, trust me, when you open these gifts, you will like it a lot. She hugs him and says I know your surprises will be best, you are my best gift. Krish looks on angrily and thinks to surprise Vikrant, which will shock him. Maai and Sudhir have a talk about Vikrant’s surprise for Kavya. She says Krish came in Kavya’s life by Vikrant’s mistake. Sudhir says I feel its tough to know his weakness. She says Krish will have some weakness. He says Vikrant is your weakness, Kavya is his weakness, it means weakness is own blood. Maai says we have to use this weakness.

Kavya thanks Vikrant for naming the house to Kaushalya. Krish smiles. Vikrant scolds him.

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