Ayushman Bhav 21st December 2017 Written Update

Ayushman Bhav 21st December 2017 Written Update by Amena

Ayushman Bhav 21st December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya telling Krish that Kaushalya matters a lot to her, she has always loved her as her mum. She thanks him for respecting Kaushalya. Adha ishq….plays…. Samaira thinks of Krish. Sudhir comes to her. She asks him to go. He says we should talk to Vikrant and get Krish killed like we killed Avi, we have to work as team again, come. Vikrant thinks of Krish. They come to him. Vikrant scolds them for cheating him. Sudhir says we came here to join you, we have to tackle Krish, we have to join hands to do this, there is no other way. Vikrant laughs and says Sudhir I lost my haveli because of you, and Samaira wanted to run with my bodyguard, will you help me, you both are fraud, I don’t need you two, I will take my revenge my way.

Sudhir says this is your

problem, you don’t trust us and Maai, we have to bear your mistakes. Vikrant gets angry. They leave. Samaira tries to talk to Vikrant. He asks her to get out. She says just think, you want to throw Krish out or this phone, this photo will break Krish and Kavya. Vikrant sees Krish and Samaira’s pic. She says Kavya will get sorrow, but this is way to take revenge from Krish, once he leaves from Kavya’s life, you can take revenge from him. Bubbly asks Sudhir to help her. Sudhir thinks Krish has done everything with us.
Krish comes to Kavya and finds her angry. She shows him the pic and says I m not upset seeing the pic, I m upset as you didn’t tell me the truth, you are hurt to accept me, maybe you love Samaira, not me, Samaira is my dad’s wife, I felt we were friends, how did you hide this. She scolds him. She asks him to explain about the pic. Adha ishq….plays…. He leaves. He says how shall I tell you, that was a drama, I didn’t wish to see tears in your life, but I fall weak everytime. Sudhir, Samaira and Vikrant smile. Sudhir says this one pic will change Krish’s life. Vikrant says atleast Samaira helped me now, I was quiet for Kavya’s love, now Kavya will make Krish out of here. Krish says I know Kavya, you don’t want to keep a relation with me, I want to show something before I leave. He shows her Vikrant and Sudhir’s video, where Vikrant has buried Sudhir under the ground. Kavya gets shocked and sees Vikrant. Krish smiles.

Krish and Kavya romance. Music plays….. Vikrant says we have to take a big step, you both will keep an eye on Krish.

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