Bepannaah 18th October 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 18th October 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 18th October 2018 Written Episode

Aditya tells Zoya that he can swear on himself. Ma can do anything but she cannot give poison to me, Arjun or Pa. If she knew that the Prasad was poisoned, she would have stopped us from eating it but she wouldn’t have let us eat it. Harsh tells Zoya to check CCTV footage if she is still not satisfied. Anjana was in this house 25 our ago! Servant interrupts them. We were using this to kill the insects. We forgot it in the room by mistake. Zoya is in shock. Aditya asks her if she believes him now. Ma dint add poison in the Prasad. Anjana tells Zoya she wanted to forget everything behind and spread happiness today but she ruined everything, like always! What do you want? You cannot see this house and its people! You blame this family for whatever you went through, right? Pundit ji asks everyone to come

for aarti. Harsh suggests attending aarti. This house needs lots of peace right now. Harsh, Anjana and Arjun join pundit ji for aarti. Aditya avoids looking at Zoya. She tries to talk to him but he walks away. Zoya stands at a distance and folds her hands.
Landline rings. Zoya picks the call. The mystery lady laughs at Zoya. I enjoyed the show. You fell in my trap just the way I wanted to! I had to make you look like an enemy before the Huda’s. You have dug your own grave now! You think Aditya will be able to forgive you? Will you break your phone or close your ears to avoid my voice? You will have to follow my orders. You have no other way! I made everyone stand against you today. I might send you out of the house in future too! Always listen to my orders quietly from next time onwards. She ends the call.

The mystery lady looks at the photo of a woman and boy. All the bricks and members of Huda House will fall one by one. Zoya will help me in achieving this. Her eyes well up. It is just you. You know what you have to right?

Zoya looks at her family. I made a mistake unintentionally. I will fix it though. I wont let that woman win! She wipes her tears. She folds hands in reverence. Pundit ji gives aarti to everyone. Aditya eats Prasad and gives some to Zoya too. I ate it. It is safe. She is in tears. You are very upset with me right? He asks her if he shouldn’t. She apologizes to him but he asks her to apologize to Anjana. She walks up to Anjana. I don’t deserve to be forgiven. I will only say that I got scared. I thought I heard your voice and that bottle was found in your room. I was lost for a moment. I made a very big mistake. Please give me a chance. Harsh tells Zoya this isn’t right. You make mistakes and keep apologizing. You made such a big drama on your muh dikhayi ritual and on Pooja’s death anniversary. This time I requested Anjana myself but you ended up blaming her only! Aditya requests Zoya to her room. Zoya cries and accepts she is wrong. Do not separate me from you please. Anjana tells her to stop acting to be nice. Leave us alone. Shall I beg you or touch your feet or kill myself? You have insulted us so much and have hurt us so much. What do you want? Zoya asks for one more chance to fix everything.

This time Arjun refuses. You asked for a chance in the past too but nothing happened. Maybe you cannot fix everything! You can still apologize and wait for someone’s heart to melt just like I did! I apologized repeatedly with a pure heart. I got it in the end. You will take some more time to seek forgiveness. Everyone is very upset right now. I thought Wasim Uncle hurt Bhai and we sent him to jail. I have been wondering what we would have done if someone had sent Dad to jail like that. We were lucky that Bhabhi forgave all of us! Mom dint even apologize to Uncle. Bhabhi hurt her father and came home with us after all this! Her Dad isn’t willing to talk to her. It is his birthday today. They celebrate this day together every year but Bhabhi cannot even wish him today. It is all because of us! Mom cleared that she does not like Bhabhi at all. Dad was on her side earlier but he isn’t anymore. She is completely alone in this new house. Anjana points out that it is because of her actions. She would have been with us if she was nice. Arjun reasons that they all lack something and have made some mistakes. What matters is the willingness to change for good. We made a mistake by getting emotional. She did the same. She dint keep anything in her heart like us. I was forgiven. I got a chance for which I am thankful. I will surely give her a chance. He apologizes to Zoya on behalf of his family. They will understand their mistake very soon. Till then please accept my apology. She eats Prasad from his hands. Harsh seconds him. He has grown up. He reminded me of all the cases where judge, jury and everyone was against me. I just stood by what was right and won! I am sorry Zoya. She tells him not to apologize. I know I am at fault. I am sorry. Harsh tells Anjana that saying sorry makes things easier. We have all made many mistakes in life. That’s how we grow. She gives in. Anjana walks away.

Zoya says sorry to them. Harsh pats at her head lovingly and goes. Zoya thanks Arjun. Arjun nods and leaves. Aditya is still not looking at Zoya. She takes his name. He keeps the Prasad in her hand and goes. Zoya looks at Ma’s idol. She does puja. That lady made me stand against my own family. I may be in Aditya’s house but this house is mine too! Someone is trying to create a rift between her family members. I wont let anyone mess up with my family! this time I will fight. I need your help in this.

Precap: Aditya tells Zoya that he ordered a dress for her. She asks him if he wants her to wear it in evening. He tells her to be ready by 7. He ties the thread of her blouse. They share a romantic eye lock.

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