Bepannaah 19th October 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 19th October 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 19th October 2018 Written Episode

Aditya looks at his phone but it gets switched off. I wanted to surprise Zoya but now this has shut down! He realises the moment Zoya enters in the room and begins to go but finds her holding her ears. She says sorry to him. Please forgive me. It is very important for me. You can say anything to me, punish me. I deserve it. I accept that I made a mistake but please don’t just walk away. Please don’t leave me alone. I agree that I shouldn’t have done all that and should have spoken to you first of all. I dint do anything intentionally. You know me this much. You know that I wont hurt anyone intentionally. He looks at their wedding vows and points them to her. Do you know why we hung it on the wall? It is so we can live up to those words, those vows. I am upset and angry with you but I will

fulfil this vows. I am around only. You will find me the moment you will begin to look for me. He stops at the door for a moment but then goes. Zoya is in tears.
The mystery woman is doing puja. There is nothing above a promise, right? Thank you! She gives aarti to the photo also. The wedding vows are above everything. I have made Huda family members against Zoya. Now I will attack the first kid of Huda family. Are we ready? She turns and hands over a bundle of cash to a girl. Go and execute the plan. The girl leaves.

Aditya asks his mother why she is stressing so much. I am saying sorry. I promise she wont do it ever again. Please drop it. She tells him it is past for her now. I am happy that you took my side today. I thought you have become Zoya’s servant but you can still figure out what’s right and wrong. He is relieved to hear it from her. Zoya made a mistake but her intention wasn’t wrong. She agrees. Make preps for Dandiya night. He asks her to join them but she politely refuses. I just want to rest. Arjun comes there with a parcel. He ends up saying that it is a dress for Zoya but he goes quiet. Anjana says it is ok. Go and give it to her. Aditya is upset with her. Why would he give it to her? Arjun nods but Aditya stops him. He tells his mother not to stress anymore. He takes the packet from Arjun. I ordered it for her. She will feel bad if I wont give it to her myself. Anjana smiles for their sake but isn’t actually happy.

Aditya keeps the dress on the bed. He turns and finds Zoya standing behind him. She requests him again. Aditya tells Zoya that he ordered a dress for her. See if you like it. She picks it up immediately. You brought it for me? He nods. She opens it right away. It is a beautiful lehenga set. She asks him if he wants her to wear it in evening. He tells her to be ready by 7. Zoya feels bad seeing him walk out like that. Aditya too isn’t happy. They both lean against the door and keep their hands on the door. Their hands are at the exact same position but neither of them realises it.

Arjun goes to look for his shoes. Aditya is ready. He goes to check on Zoya. Did you forget that we have to leave by 7? He looks away seeing her getting ready. I am sorry for coming without knocking. She reminds him it is his room only. I will come in 2 minutes. He notices her struggling with the thread of her blouse. He walks up to her, pulls her closer to himself and ties the thread of her blouse. They share a romantic eye lock. He steps back the moment his work is done. Shall we? She looks at him startled as he walks out of the room.

Zoya keeps looking at Aditya as they head towards the car. Forget about talking, he doesn’t even want to look at my face right now. She opens the front door but then opens the back door. Aditya asks Arjun to sit in front. Zoya wants to sit in the backseat. Aditya and Zoya keep looking at each other in the rear view mirror. Arjun wonders how people live near metro construction sites. There is so much noise here. People have filed an appeal in court requesting to stop this. The couple does not say anything.

In the Dandiya party, Arjun tells Zoya that the one she is looking for does not want to meet her right now. You know why he is so busy? Aditya points at Zoya. She is pleasantly surprised to see her mother and hugs Roshnaq. How did you come here? Roshnaq gives credit to Aditya for arranging this meeting. He forced me to come here. It isn’t just me but your Abbu who is here too. You wanted to wish him right? Aditya has done all this. Zoya looks at Aditya. She remembers telling him about her Abbu’s birthday in the morning. She cries looking at Aditya. Roshnaq points at Wasim. Aditya tells her to go fast and wish her Abbu. Zoya begins to walk towards Wasim. Wasim tells someone that his daughter is coming. Noor joins him just then. Wasim calls her his only daughter. Zoya recalls him breaking his ties with her for forever. Zoya drops her phone intentionally near Wasim. It lands at his feet. She touches his feet while picking it. He absentmindedly keeps his hand over her head. His smile disappears the moment her sees her.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya dance happily together. Her phone begins to ring. She excuses herself on the pretext of coughing. Noor and Arjun are also dancing. That same girl who was paid money by that mystery woman stops Aditya for group dance. She suddenly shouts at Aditya for misbehaving with her. Zoya slaps her. How dare you point fingers at my husband!

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