Dil Boley Oberoi 26th June 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 26th June 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 26th June 2017 Written Episode

Om says I have seen your true face, you will be here for 6 months till the baby comes, I will raise the child. Buamaa asks Gauri to get ready, they have to go to doctor. Gauri thinks Buamaa can know I m not pregnant. Some time before, Om comes home. Buamaa asks where was he roaming till now. He says I had some work. She asks him to take care of Gauri and baby. He says I can’t leave my work. She says you will keep Gauri happy, so that baby is healthy and jolly. Jhanvi asks what happened. Buamaa asks her to explain Om, he is becoming father, he should become responsible. Jhanvi says Buamaa is right, Gauri is still awake. Om says she should have slept by now, I did not stop her.

Jhanvi asks him till when will he get frustration out on Gauri, give her a chance. Buamaa says this baby is mine
too, its an heir of Oberoi family, its your responsibility to keep Gauri happy. Bhavya says I will put sweets in a plate. Rudra says sweets is imp, not plate, you are hurt, I will manage it. Bhavya argues and box falls along with Rudra. She gets shocked seeing the gun. She steps on it. Rudra says you made sweets fall, I felt some other sound came, like metal fell along with sweet box.

She says sweets are healthy, it has iron. He says iron, nice joke. She says sweets will fall from sweet box. He says yes, revolver can’t fall from it, what happened, why are you so worried. He laughs and says it was a joke, come. She says if I step ahead, he will see revolver and know everything. She faints and holds gun in her hand. Rudra lifts her and takes her to the room.

Om sees Gauri. She says I was waiting for you, why did you come late. He says great, you played good trick and got all my family members on your side. She says I did not play any trick. He taunts her. Om says I have seen your true face, you will be here for 6 months till the baby comes, like you said its my child, I will raise the child alone without you. She cries. Saathiya…..plays….. He says your plan to stay here forever, I will not let it succeed. She says you are misunderstanding me. He goes.

Gauri says I wish I could tell you, I m not doing all this to stay here, I m doing this for you, I m not so selfish, you will never understand this. She cries. Its morning, Bhavya takes some eggs from the fridge. She says I missed you a lot, finally….. Dadi calls her out. She says you woke up soon, how. Bhavya says I have habit to parade. Dadi asks parade? Bhavya makes an excuse and says I was taking these eggs for Rudra, he wanted to have it. Dadi says I understand, he is sleeping and sent you to make breakfast. Bhavya says yes, I will go. Dadi says since when did Rudra start eating raw eggs. Bhavya says I will complete my exercise and eats a raw egg.

Om gets shocked seeing Buamaa beside. Buamaa says I came to wake you up. He asks why. She says take care of Gauri, rising sun will give vitamin D and positive energy to child, I have sent Gauri to lawn, go. He says I want to sleep. She asks can’t you do this for me. He says fine, I will go. He goes.

Bhavya comes to Rudra and looks for him. She gets shocked finding him on the floor. She says did Sultan’s men….. She asks Rudra to get up. Rudra wakes up and asks what happened. She asks did anyone come. He says maybe I fell in sleep, it happens with me, why are you worried. She says I thought Sultan’s men came. He says its not easy for them to come here. She says even if they come, don’t worry. I m there for your protection. He says you said like policemen, great. She says no, I was joking. She leaves his hand and asks him to come. She makes him sit on the bed. Rudra sits on the eggs and asks what’s this sound. She says eggs are under you. He sees the eggs and asks what is it doing here. She says I got eggs here, I kept that on bed in hurry and helped you, sorry. He says its okay, you are sweet, but ew….. He goes to change.

Om sees Gauri doing tulsi puja. Gauri says Buamaa would have sent you here. He says thanks to you, I m not able to live my life my way. She asks him not to be angry and see the morning, life gives us reasons to get happy, enjoy the morning.

The shooter comes there. Bhavya sees Rudra sleeping and says I thought to do some exercise here. Rudra wakes up. She asks shall I make breakfast for you. He says idea is not bad. She thinks I thought he will say he will make food and leave from room. She says I don’t understand where are the things placed, you made perfect pasta, what to do. He says I will make it, its enough that you thought of it. Rudra goes and makes breakfast. He looks for eggs and does not find eggs. He says its fine, I will make veg.

Dadi sees him and asks are you having food again. Rudra says person has to eat 8 times to make such body. Dadi asks did you get hungry so soon. He thinks Dadi got old and even her eyes got weak, she thinks I m eating again. He hugs her and says you are very cute, I will make glasses for you, will you have food. He goes.

Buamaa stops Gauri and asks her to get ready. Gauri thinks Buamaa can know I m not pregnant. Buamaa asks what’s the need. Buamaa says I can’t take risk, that doctor did my delivery at Ratan’s time, come fast.

Shooter says guy is not here, girl is here, shall I shoot her. He shoots at Bhavya, and Gauri gets shot. Om gets shocked.

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  1. jhanvi
    June 26, 15:23 Reply

    Om’s new look is very cute. He is damn hot in every avatar. love u omkara.

  2. pooja
    June 26, 14:45 Reply

    dil bole oberoi is getting very interested by omkara and gauri coming closer. i expect omkara will come more closer to gauri in name of babie . will it happen?

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