Dil Boley Oberoi 27th June 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 27th June 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 27th June 2017 Written Episode

Gauri sees Om’s shadow and says Om, I lied to you, I m not pregnant, trust me. She turns to see. Some time before, Bhavya does exercise. Rudra gets breakfast. She acts and says this is so heavy, how do you lift this. He asks her to have sandwich. She thanks him. She eats the sandwich. He asks don’t you like this. She says no, I did not like it. He says I wanted to make omelette, but don’t know how eggs ended, have the fruit salad. He goes. She eats food and finishes everything. She gets two raw eggs and eats.

Om asks Gauri to come. Buamaa sees them. Om holds Gauri and takes her. Bhavya talks to commissioner. Shooter arrives there and sees her. He says guy is not here, girl is here, shall I shoot her. He aims the gun at her. A car comes in between. Buamaa, Om and Gauri come there. Buamaa
asks driver not to drive rashly. Bhavya comes to offer help to Gauri. Shooter sees Bhavya. The man says Sultan said you just have to scare her, not kill. Shooter aims near Bhavya’s feet and shoots. Bhavya moves. Gauri gets shot at her feet. They get shocked. Gauri falls in Om’s arms. Buamaa shouts Gauri.

Bhavya sees the shooter. Om lifts Gauri and takes her. Saathiya….plays…. Buamaa asks someone to get first aid box. Dadi says call doctor. Buamaa says nothing should happen to baby. Om holds Gauri’s feet. Buamaa applies antiseptic. Buamaa warns Gauri about the child, nothing should happen to him. Gauri screams. Jhanvi says I called doctor. Gauri thinks what to do, I m stuck. Bhavya says I have to find out who shot bullet, maybe Sultan did this. Rudra says you got Sultan phobia, why will he shoot Gauri. She says I was standing in front of Gauri, I moved and she got shot. Commissioner says it means they want to scare you, not kill, else he would have shot at head. Rudra says family should not come in between, he has attacked on family, shall I inform Shivaye. Commissioner says no, don’t tell him about Sultan, don’t worry, your family security is our responsibility. Bhavya calms down Rudra and tells commissioner that they will cooperate. Rudra says I will kill sultan if he hurts my family. Bhavya says its my mistake, I should apologize to Gauri.

Gauri sees doctor and worries. Jhanvi says she got hurt by bullet. Buamaa asks her to check, she is pregnant. Om says Gauri is more imp. Doctor says wound is not much, she will be fine soon. Buamaa says I m worried for baby. Doctor says there is rick of miscarriage because of shock. She checks Gauri. Gauri prays.

Buamaa asks doctor is baby fine. Gauri thinks doctor will understand I m not pregnant. Doctor says sorry to say, but I can’t hear baby’s heartbeat. Dadi asks what are you saying. Buamaa says check up well. Om worries. Doctor says we have to do ultrascan, patient has to come hospital. Buamaa says no, Gauri won’t go anywhere, tests will happen at home. Gauri thinks my lie will be caught. Tej says my bahu is attacked, commissioner arrest the one who did this. He tells Dadi that shooter will be called. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught our house. Bhavya looks on and goes to Gauri. She thinks where is Gauri.

Doctor arranges the machine at home. She tells Om to get the medicines. She asks about patient’s allergy. He says I have no idea. She says you should know it, being a husband. Om says I will ask Gauri. Gauri prays and says I got trapped in my web, help me, I will tell truth to Om. Gauri sees Om’s shadow and says Om, I lied to you, I m not pregnant, trust me, I did not wish to cheat you, I m helpless. She turns to see.

Doctor shows the ultra scanning machine, they can see baby’s condition and also hear heartbeat. Buamaa says baby will be fine, right Gauri. Gauri says yes. Gauri worries. Buamaa asks doctor where is the child.

Doctor says no need to get scared, baby is fine. Om helps Gauri. Saathiya…..plays……

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