Dil Boley Oberoi 28th June 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 28th June 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 28th June 2017 Written Episode

Gauri says I don’t want this. The milk glass falls. Gauri slips. Om holds her. Saathiya….plays… Gauri says your hand is bleeding. He says you should have taken the milk glass. She says I can do my work. He says I m doing this for child, not you. Some time before, Buamaa asks doctor where is the child, is the machine not working. Doctor says its working, baby’s heartbeat should be heart. They all get shocked seeing the baby on screen. Gauri thinks how did this happen.

Doctor says there is nothing to worry, baby is fine. Buamaa says congrats and hugs Dadi. Gauri thinks how can this happen. She sees Bhavya smiling. FB shows Gauri seeing Bhavya. Bhavya says I have heard your confession, its fine, you don’t need to explain anything, I m sure you are doing this for Om and this
family’s betterment, I trust you. Gauri hugs her and says this will come out, doctor is doing my test, my lie will be caught. Bhavya says don’t worry, you believe in Lord, just trust him. Bhavya thinks Gauri is caught in this problem because of me, I have to do something. FB ends.

Buamaa says our child is fine, did you hear it, this is called DBO moment. Bhavya thinks I m glad to help Gauri. Buamaa says let’s leave them alone. They all go. Bhavya stops doctor and says I hope this secret stays a secret. Doctor goes. Buamaa checks some books and gets some pic. She says you will be separating your parents. Gauri wakes up and says why am I getting such thoughts, its good Bhavya explained doctor, else what would have happened, I will go for a bath. She walks with difficulty. Om comes and holds her. He says you are hurt, sit on bed, tell me what you want. She says I will manage. He asks what do you want. She asks why are you doing all this, Buamaa is not here, no need to do this. He leaves her hand. She checks the cupboard and can’t get towel from upper shelf. Om helps her. Saathiya….plays……

She says thanks, you have… He says I just do what I want. She says I know, I know I m guest here and should not forget limits, so I said thanks. She goes. Bhavya calls commissioner and asks did you find anything. He says yes, Sultan would have come India, be careful. Rudra will be his target, we want that locket before Sultan reaches it. She says I want Sultan along with that locket. She cries and thinks of her brother. She wipes her tears and says I have been waiting for you since long, its either you or me. Sultan arrives in a chopper.

Shooter says I scared them, but bullet injured another girl, we did not get that locket, that girl has run away. A man become mediator in their conversation. The goon by whose mistake Bhavya has run away is caught up. He apologizes to Sultan.

Servant gets tea. Gauri says I did not ask for it. Om says I ordered it, I will serve. Gauri says I will make it. He gives her milk and says milk is good for health, especially in this state. She says I don’t want it. He gives her the glass. It falls down. He says see what you did. She says just 2mins, I will clean. He says no need. She slips. Om holds her. Saathiya….plays…His hand gets hurt by the glass piece.

Rudra opens the window and says what a beautiful day. Bhavya gets shocked seeing the red laser dot on him and runs. She falls over him and says I was trying to save you. He asks who saves this way. She gets up. He asks did you come to save me, from what. She says from danger, someone was going to shoot you, you were inviting him. He laughs and says you see everything by doubt, its so funny. She says I m saying right, I have seen red laser dot on you. He shows the sensor light and laughs. She thinks how to tell you. Sultan has come to India. Om asks Gauri are you fine. She says thanks and sees his hand. Gauri says your hand is bleeding. Om says its little wound. She says you are stubborn, see you got hurt. He says I did not wish you to get hurt, you are also stubborn, you should have taken the milk glass. She says I can do my work. He says I m doing this for child, not you. She says I can take care of child. He says its my child too. She says you can’t do every work. He says I can do anything, try me. She says child was to have golgappas from Sharma’s shop. He asks where is it. She says its in Bareilly, can you get it, no right, so I said let it be, you can’t do everything. Om leaves. Gauri says I did not think the result of this lie, when he knows there was no child, what will he go through.

Gauri says Buamaa you here. Buamaa says I got special gift for you, see. Gauri sees Ratan’s pic.

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