Dil Boley Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Episode

Gauri sees a box for her and checks it. She reads Bareilly’s Sharma ji’s golgappa. Rudra gets hurt. Some time before, Gauri says I have hurt Om’s heart, when he wanted to help me, now I m scared of my lie. Buamaa comes and asks what are you thinking, I got a special gift for you, check. Gauri sees Ratan’s childhood pic. Buamaa says guess, whose pic is it. Gauri says Om. Buamaa says no, its Ratan’s photo. Gauri gets shocked. Buamaa says elders say when mum is pregnant, she should see lovely baby pic all day and night, so I got Ratan’s pic, see it so that your child is like Ratan, God bless you. He goes. Gauri worries.

Bhavya sees Rudra. She says I was afraid as I worry for you. He asks did you fall in love with me, when you worry for someone, it means its love, we both worry for
each other, are we becoming real husband and wife from fake ones. She says its nothing like that. He says you get much scared, since you got kidnapped, no need to get scared, I m with you. She thinks this is my biggest fear, you got involved in this by my lie, your safety is my responsibility. Rudra thinks I know she is going from kidnapping trauma, I have to protect her and end her fear. She thinks you have no idea what can Sultan do.

Sultan shows two bottles. The man says Sultan is asking to choose one bottle, one has life and one has death. The man chooses one and eats the tablet. He dies. Bhavya asks Rudra what happened, is everything fine. He says you know the house is stinking of eggs, why. She recalls having eggs. She says I don’t get it. He says I think you got cold. She says there is no witness, it means you are mistaken. He asks what.

Om comes and asks am I disturbing. Rudra says we are solving mystery. Om asks what mystery. Rudra says mystery of the missing eggs and jokes. Om says you know its funny we are discussing eggs but its going missing, I had to eat in breakfast, servants had no idea, why is someone stealing eggs, anyways I want your help.

Gauri sees Ratan’s pic and recalls Buamaa’s words. She says Buamaa is clever woman, I have to be careful to bring her truth out. Rudra and Bhavya come and get milk for her. Gauri recalls Om. Rudra says its our connection, you thought of this and I got it. She asks tell me what am I thinking now. They guess. Gauri says no. Rudra says I think there is no network here. Gauri asks how did you know I was going to have milk. Bhavya says by Om’s statement. Rudra asks statement?

Jhanvi hugs Om. Om asks are you okay. She says yes, I could not congratulate you well, thanks for making me Dadi, I m very happy, my and my fate could not get along, fate just gave wounds, now its giving ointment, your happiness made me forget all sorrows, I wish to give this good news to the world, I m afraid anyone’s bad sight can affect, you are sensible, don’t treat Gauri like Tej treated me, who knows this better, how parents relation affects children. Om goes.

Pinky says I did big mistake, I informed my kitty party group that Gauri is pregnant. Jhanvi says if family is not happy, then why to blame outsiders. Pinky says you mean I m not happy for Om. Jhanvi says if you couldn’t see your son’s happiness, how can you see my son’s happiness. Pinky says what happiness, he does not accept marriage and wife. Jhanvi says but Shivaye accepted, what did you do with him, atleast I don’t force my decision on Om.

Bhavya says Om went out and asked us to take care of you, so we got milk. Gauri thinks Om changed and started caring for me, he thinks I m pregnant, but its not. Rudra asks Gauri to have milk and goes. Gauri thanks Bhavya for explaining doctor. Bhavya says I should say sorry, you got shot because of me. Gauri says Lord made you and Rudra fall in problem, what reason do you think, people meet by fate, there is some reason behind it, Rudra is very nice, try to find that story.

Rudra goes to fridge and sees eggs gone. He says this is not done, where are the eggs, someone is eating it, who is this hunger stricken person. He gets a video message. He checks Sultan punishing the man. Rudra gets shocked. The goon says Sultan thought about Rudra and Bhavya. Rudra says Sultan is dangerous type of man. He gets the threatening message. He recalls Bhavya. He looks for Bhavya. He asks Gauri about her. She says she got a call and went to meet someone. He calls Bhavya and says why is she not answering, I hope she did not go out. Rudra gets message that his wife is roaming out. Rudra runs out and says I have to save her before she gets caught by Sultan’s men. Gauri sees a box for her and checks it. She reads Bareilly’s Sharma ji’s golgappa. She recalls Om and says he got golgappas from Bareilly. Rudra goes to his car. He gets hurt by stepping in a metal animal trap. Rudra gets shocked and shouts Sultan. Gauri eats the golgappas. She thinks of Om and cries. She says Om is doing everything for this child, and I m lying to him.

Buamaa says you are making me angry to say the name of child I have decided. Gauri sees Om coming and says I was saying the baby name will be by S. Buamaa says baby’s name will be Ratan. She turns and sees Om.

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