Dil Boley Oberoi 30th June 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 30th June 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 30th June 2017 Written Episode

Buamaa says you are making me angry to say the name of child I have decided. Gauri sees Om coming and says I was saying the baby name will be by S. Buamaa says baby’s name will be Ratan. She turns and sees Om. Some time before, Rudra gets hurt by stepping in a metal animal trap. Rudra gets shocked. Rudra opens the metal trap and sees the blood on his hand. He gets a warning message. Rudra does the aid and says Bhavya should not know about this, I will hide the wound, but what about that message. Bhavya comes. Rudra thinks maybe she has seen that video. She says there is no network, I had to make an urgent call. He says I was scared, commissioner said we should not go out of house. She says I went on terrace, I got some message, let me check.

He takes her phone and says check later. She
asks what happened to you. He says I did extra workout and got hurt. She asks why do you do this, to impress girls. He says no, to protect a beautiful girl like you. She takes his phone. He asks her to get pain relief spray for him. She goes and looks on. He says I will delete video. He does not find video and says it means Sultan fooled me, she will worry if she knows. She thinks Rudra is hiding something, I should check his phone. She sees the video and says Rudra is doing this to protect me, I lied to him, how can I cheat him, I risked his life.

Gauri says its enough, I can’t hide this truth from Om, I will tell him truth now. Bhavya says enough, I will not lie to Rudra more, I will tell him truth now. Gauri says I m not pregnant. Om says what, you cheated me, mum, Buamaa and Dadi, you showed a beautiful dream and snatched it. She apologizes. He says you don’t deserve my hatred, Get out. She wakes up from sleep. She looks for Om. Om says you got up, get ready, Buamaa asked you to go to lawn, she said first sunlight is good for baby, I asked Khanna to increase security in lawn. She asks why are you doing this drama. He says its my child, I will do my responsibility. She says I will tell truth to him. She looks for Om. Rudra opens cupboard. Bhavya wakes up and aims gun. She asks him to sleep.

Rudra says I got this. She says get quiet else I will arrest you by some charges. He looks at her and asks what did you say. She laughs and says you got scared, I m joking. He asks really. She says yes see your red face, I will sleep. She sleeps. He says ask what I got, bullet proof vest. She asks what. He says you won’t know this, I will show you. She recalls wearing bullet proof coat. He says you would have seen it in movies, but that’s fake, this is real. She asks how did you get this. He says I ordered this just like that, I did not know this will help, you wear this, I m iron man types, don’t you know iron man, I m joking, I ordered one for me, your safety is imp, come wear it now.

Om holds Gauri. Hulchul hui…..plays…. Rudra makes Bhavya wear the jacket. Ishq hua…..plays……. Bhavya recalls their moments. Om gets baby items. He lifts Gauri and takes her. Rudra says you understood how to wear this, thank God, now I don’t have to worry. Bhavya thinks he worries for me, I m using him, no I can’t cheat him more, I should tell him truth. Om gets Gauri. Buamaa says Om made me happy to take Gauri out without my saying. Om says you said first sunlight is good for baby, please keep telling me. Buamaa says sure, I will keep telling you, guess what, doctor has sent report, little Om will play here after 6 months. Gauri thinks Om will never believe Buamaa’s truth, I have to bring it out. Buamaa says you have to be very careful, think good. She applies tika to Om. Gauri says my friend suggested names.

Buamaa says who is she to send names, elders will keep name. Om asks Buamaa not to worry, we will hear names. Gauri tells girl’s names. Buamaa gets angry and drops aarti plate. Gauri asks what happened, did you not like names. Buamaa says no, I m so excited and slipped the plate. She picks things. She says aarti plate falling is abshagun, take care. She goes. Om says why was Buamaa behaving strange. Gauri says maybe she thought some other name.

Gauri says Buamaa won’t show her true color soon, have to think something big. Buamaa says what are you doing in front of Om, don’t act smart, I understand everything, you were making me angry to make me say the baby name I thought. Gauri sees Om coming and thinks its good chance to show Buamaa’s truth. Buamaa says how can you take girl’s names, you know it will be boy. Gauri says sorry, my friend did not know I will have baby boy, she was saying the baby name will be by S. Buamaa says baby’s name will be Ratan. Om hears them. She turns and sees Om. Buamaa thinks did Om hear everything. Gauri thinks its good Om heard this, he will know Buamaa’s intentions. Buamaa asks when did you come, what happened. Om falls down. Gauri gets shocked. Buamaa smiles.

Gauri says Buamaa will not sit quiet for 6 months. Bhavya says I m not just Bhavya, I m ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore, I m a cop. Rudra gets shocked.

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