Dil Boley Oberoi 3rd July 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 3rd July 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 3rd July 2017 Written Episode

Bhavya says I m not just Bhavya, I m ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore, I m a cop. Gauri says Buamaa will not sit quiet for six months. Buamaa makes something and applies tika to Om. Gauri looks on. Some time before, Om says I m fine. Jhanvi says you woke up from coma and fainted, get tests done. Buamaa says maybe it was weakness. Om says yes, I was feeling weak, I m fine. He asks Buamaa what was all that. Gauri recalls Buamaa’s words. She thinks Om remembers it. Buamaa says its a misunderstanding. Om asks how can you do this, how can you say you want a boy, not girl, you have stayed abroad. Gauri says yes, Buamaa decides the boy’s name as well, what else did you hear. Buamaa worries.

Bhavya says I want to say something. Rudra says I know, you will be calling me hot and handsome. She says no,
I mean you are handsome, I have to say something else. He asks what. Dadi says all eggs are missing, just one is left. Bhavya thinks Dadi came here to ask about eggs, does she know I eat eggs. Rudra says even I m worried for eggs. Dadi says you tell me, I will get more eggs. Rudra says I don’t get my share of eggs. Dadi says stop it, you send Bhavya to get eggs for you, I have seen her taking eggs. Bhavya nods. Rudra recalls sitting on the eggs. Dadi shows proof. He gets shocked seeing egg shells in the bin. He looks at Bhavya.

Rudra says I told Bhavya to get raw eggs. Dadi says see you accepted mistake. Rudra says my trainer said I need natural protein. Dadi says you could say and have it, what’s there to be shy, how do you eat this. Rudra asks Bhavya. He says very simple, I will say. He breaks an egg. Bhavya and Dadi laugh. Rudra jokes. Dadi goes. Rudra says I know you use eggs for beauty treatment, so your hair are so good, I know you came to tell this to me, I will also do this and tell Om too, thanks. He goes.

Om says I did not hear anything more, but how could Buamaa think so. Buamaa gets relieved. Gauri thinks Om did not hear complete thing. Buamaa says I thought if its a boy, it would be help in business, sorry. Rudra comes. Bhavya asks what’s this. Rudra says its shower cap, I have applied egg pack on my hair. Bhavya thinks its enough, I have to tell my truth to him. He says you told me eggs secret. She says no, I m not one what everyone thinks. He says yes, they think you are my wife, but you are not. Bhavya says I m not just Bhavya, I m ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathore, I m a cop, I m here because of my department’s order, all this is a setup. Rudra says you are police and salutes her. He laughs and says you want to play Chor police, fine, you are police, I m the thief, catch me, come. He runs. Bhavya gets a message. She checks some pictures.

Buamaa says you tried hard, but you failed, Om will go, Ratan will come. Commissioner says Sultan’s men are roaming around Oberoi house. Bhavya asks why is our team not arresting them. He says Sultan will get alert and our plan will fail, did you get locket. She says no. He says find it soon, its imp, once Sultan gets the locket, he will kill you two. She says I have risked Rudra’s life. He says don’t be emotional, we are using Rudra to catch Sultan. She thinks one more sacrifice of…. Rudra comes and asks did you get scared, you did not catch me, you are egg thief, I will go and change.

Gauri prays to Lord for solving her problem. She asks Lord to send someone. Bhavya thinks I can’t tell my problem to anyone. Gauri asks her is she fine. Bhavya says yes, are you fine. Gauri says yes. Bhavya thinks Gauri is not looking fine. Gauri thinks Bhavya is hiding something. Bhavya says I can see your problem in eyes, I m also confused. Gauri says I don’t know what’s happening, mum used to say we should share problems. Bhavya says right, we will go and talk, maybe any solution comes up. Gauri says our problems are similar, we both lied, but our intention is not bad, if we say truth, Rudra and Om will fall in problem, truth should be in heart. Bhavya says yes, we are lying for their good, maybe its wrong, but not bad. Gauri says you got knowledge sitting with me, we are lying to protect our husbands, our heart is true.

Doctor checks Om and says everything is normal, don’t know why he fainted. Om says I m fine. Buamaa says Om is going to become a father, check him, he has to take care of Gauri and baby. She passes by Gauri. She says Om will go, Ratan will come. She leaves. Gauri says I just have 6 months and have to tell Om about Buamaa’s dangerous motives.

Rudra asks how do I look in this jacket. Bhavya thinks of finding locket. She says something is missing, you should wear locket, you have worn a beautiful locket in farmhouse, it will perfectly match with this. He recalls and says maybe it fell somewhere. She asks what, you lost that locket, I mean you did not try to find it. He says murder happened that day, you were also missing, would I find you or that locket. She says but it was imp, I mean you would have worn it today. He says I will order same online. She thinks how to tell you what’s in that locket.

Buamaa sings and makes some powder. Gauri thinks of Buamaa’s words. Gauri says Buamaa will not sit quiet for six months, she would be upto something. Sultan gives a photo to his man. The man says Rudra has that locket, kidnap Rudra and that girl. Rudra shows a box to Bhavya. She asks did Sultan send something. Rudra shows the locket and says its same. Gauri sees Buamaa doing Om’s aarti and applying tika to him. She says why is Buamaa applying tika to Om every day, I have to find out.

Buamaa says have this milk, you will get good sleep. Gauri acts and says my leg is aching, get pain relief spray. Om asks her to sit. Gauri drinks the milk.

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