Dil Boley Oberoi 4th July 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 4th July 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 4th July 2017 Written Episode

Buamaa says you will get relaxed and get a good sleep. Gauri says Buamaa added something in it, how to find out, what she added in this. She drinks and holds her head. Some time before, Rudra wears the locket. Bhavya thinks how to stop him and say this locket can be dangerous for him. Gauri gets disturbed by light and sees Om awake. She thinks what is he reading. He shuts the book seeing her and says sorry, I will read somewhere else, I will go out. He takes the books and goes. She sees child care book and thinks he started reading child care books too.

Bhavya gets a call. Rudra asks who is it. She says unknown number. She gets commissioner’s call. Rudra says commissioner’s call at this time. She asks him to sleep. She asks any problem. Commissioner says I have to update about Sultan, get
Rudra and come to beach in two hours. She says fine. She sees Rudra sleeping. She goes to wake him up. He holds her hand. She smiles. She recalls her aim and gets away.

Gauri sees Om and recalls him. She thinks I should not tell truth now, but he will be much hurt later, he started reading child care books too, he will feel bad, I have to find out why Buamaa applies tika to him, is she behind his fainting, I have to expose Buamaa. Buamaa comes and asks what are you doing here, I got tea for you, you will get relaxed and get a good sleep. Gauri recalls Buamaa. She thinks why did she make tea at this time, did she add anything. Om takes the cup and thanks her. Buamaa goes. Om keeps the books. Gauri acts of pain. Om asks what happened. Gauri says leg is aching, will you get pain relief spray from bathroom. He asks her to sit. She thinks Buamaa added something in it, how to find out. She drinks the tea and holds her head. She says nothing happened to me, it means Buamaa did not add anything. Om comes and sees her. He asks tea. She says yes, Buamaa told me once that it gets good sleep and pain goes, so I had it. He says really, I did not read about it. He asks her to rest.

Rudra says I feel we are going on picnic, why did commissioner call us at this time. Bhavya says don’t know, we have to go. He asks will you drive. She says no, I m tensed. He says I forgot something. She asks what. She plays radio and hears commissioner. She says he is in Meerut, whose call was it. She calls commissioner and says you called me to meet, I think Sultan’s man called, we were leaving, I heard you. He says I think you should go. She says Rudra is with me, Sultan will kill us. He says you won’t get better chance than this, I will send backup. Rudra comes and says I got breakfast for us. Bhavya thinks sorry, I m taking you near death. He says I know I m handsome, you can see me after fixing seat belt. Om sees Gauri and recalls their moments. She feels cold in sleep. Tu jaane na…..plays… Om gets a blanket and covers her. Bhavya sees Rudra and recalls their moments.

Gauri holds Om’s hand. He lies beside her. Rudra runs to the stall and gets tea. Bhavya smiles. Rudra looks for her. Gauri turns to Om. Om moves her hair strands off her face. Rudra goes to Bhavya and gives tea. They have an eyelock. Om wakes up and sees Gauri gone. He goes out and sees Gauri. Gauri stands in rain and cries. Om holds her. She hugs him and cries. Jo na keh sake tum…… He wipes her tears. They have an eyelock.

Buamaa goes to apply tika to Om. Gauri takes laddoo and says I wanted to have it. Gauri eats laddoo and gets dizzy. She faints.

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