Dil Boley Oberoi 5th July 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 5th July 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 5th July 2017 Written Episode

Buamaa says this laddoos is necessary for pregnant women. Om stops her. Rudra says everyone likes you, and even I. Bhavya thinks I will sacrifice myself. Some time before, Buamaa asks Gauri to have laddoos every day, Ratan likes it a lot. Om comes and stops her. Buamaa says explain her, I made laddoos for her, this is necessary for pregnancy. Om says keep it, she will have it when she wants, Gauri don’t eat papaya. Buamaa asks how do you know. He says books, internet, magazines. Buamaa says then you would be knowing this is necessary for pregnant women. He says don’t force her and goes. Gauri smiles.

Buamaa says you are getting happy, relax, he does not care for you, he worries for my Ratan. She goes. Rudra says I know what’s happening today. Bhavya thinks Rudra knows, but how. He says
I m not stupid, I know this drama is ending, Sultan got caught, so commissioner called us, I m glad that fear ended, but I m sad that we can’t meet now. She looks at him. He says so I want to tell you something, this was acting, but concern and friendship was not acting, our relation was fake, but feelings were not fake, everyone likes you in my house. He names everyone. She asks and…. He names even room door, furniture and things…. He says and maybe I also like you, I just want to say this drama is ending, not our friendship, you can stay in our house till you want, think and say, no need to say right now, who holds umbrella in rain. Jeene laga hoon…..plays…. He gets flowers and throws in air. Bhavya dances with him. They get close. Moment breaks. She gets away and goes.

Buamaa talks to Ratan. She says Gauri is clever, but I will get you, you will come, Om will go. She sees tablets on the ground. She says I give this tablet to Gauri so that Ratan gets healthy, why is it here. She gets more tablets and asks how did this come here. She sees Gauri at the window.

Its morning, Rudra and Bhavya wait for commissioner. Rudra says what will happen of this country, big people have no discipline, I will ask him what is he teaching youth, what did you decide. She thinks how to explain, I have no answer. She sees him wearing locket and thinks I m sacrificing him for my mission. He asks what are you thinking much, its simple yes or no. She hugs him. He asks is it a yes.

She cries and takes off his locket. She thinks I will sacrifice myself. She sees cars coming and hopes its Sultan in the car. Gauri does aid to her foot. Om asks what happened. Gauri says I was tying the bandage. Om sits and does the aid. Saathiya…plays… Dadi comes and asks what’s this. Om asks what is this. She asks him to say what’s the meaning of the love letters.

Rudra asks Bhavya what did you decide, if girl does not say yes or not, it means yes, I want to hear it from you. She says I m thinking sometimes person’s best habit becomes weakness, you trust people easily, its dangerous. He says I did not understand. She says you will understand in some time. Dadi asks who is this Madhu, since when is this going on. Om sees Gauri. Dadi scolds him. Om says its old letters. Dadi says I know, why did you keep this. He says I did not throw, that’s it. Dadi says Madhu gave kisses and pasted cut out paper hearts, what will your child think about you seeing this. She tells Gauri that Om was simple cow type in college.

Om asks what is she saying. Dadi says he used to write shayari, he used to make painting and statues, girls used to roam around him, everyone was worried for him, if he would like a girl or not, he used to run away from girls, who knows he likes a guy. Om says Dadi…. Gauri smiles. Dadi says I m joking, once he told me what type of girl he wants. Om asks when did I ask. Dadi says don’t lie, I remember, he said he wants someone who has shyness in eyes, smile on face, loves younger ones and respects elders, who does anything for family. Om and Gauri’s moments are seen, when Gauri helped him. Dadi says Om got such a girl. Buamaa comes with aarti plate. Gauri thinks what’s this aarti thing, did she add anything in prasad. Buamaa does Om’s aarti.

Bhavya and Rudra fight with the goons. Bhavya’s dress gets pulled off. Rudra gets shocked seeing her in police uniform. The goon shoots.

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