Dil Boley Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Episode

Rudra gets shocked seeing Bhavya. Doctor says she is not pregnant. Buamaa asks what. Doctor says I m saying what I m seeing on screen. Some time before, Gauri thinks aarti again, did Buamaa add anything in prasad. She takes the laddoo. Gauri says I wanted to have laddoo, sorry. She eats and says its very tasty. Buamaa says its fine you have it or Om. Rudra says I think he got all the team. Bhavya gets shocked seeing the goons. Rudra says wait, I will see. He gets down the car. Bhavya calls him out. Buamaa asks will you do my work, imp parcel came from Canada, can you clear it for me. Om says not a big deal. Gauri feels sick. Om goes. Buamaa asks do you want to call out Om, come, sit. Gauri faints.

Bhavya comes in front of Rudra. He says you go, I will see them. She says I won’t go anywhere
leaving you. He says its goons, not policemen, just leave. Sultan gets down the car. Bhavya thinks to defend Rudra before attack. Sultan aims gun at him. She hits Rudra. He falls down. She says Sultan….. He asks any doubt…. She stares at him. She says I have what you want, take this and let Rudra leave. He says you are foolish to come here with locket, how can I leave you two alone, I will start with him first. She hits him and gets the gun. She points gun at him and asks goons to throw their weapons towards her side. A goon points at her. Sultan gets the gun from her hand.

Buamaa says I knew you won’t let Om eat the laddoo, when you had the tea, I understood you will not let him eat laddoo, I knew you were cooking something, I will confirm my Ratan is fine. She takes Gauri on wheelchair, saying Om will go, Ratan will come.

Bhavya fights with Sultan. Rudra fights with goons. Sultan pulls off her dress. Rudra gets shocked seeing her in police uniform. Sultan aims at them. Bhavya shoots at Sultan. Rudra gets shocked. Buamaa asks what does my bahu want. She does not take medicines and methi laddoos, is baby fine. Doctor asks who said she is pregnant. Buamaa asks what. Doctor says I m saying what I m seeing on screen, there is no baby, your bahu is not pregnant.

Gauri gets conscious and sees Buamaa. Buamaa asks where is my Ratan, what’s the use to have you. She tries to suffocate Gauri by pillow. Gauri pushes her and gets up. Buamaa stares at her. Gauri shouts for help. Buamaa says shout aloud, do you want to go out, fine, but I got all doors locked, tell me why did you cheat me. Gauri says I did this to save Om and bring your truth out.

Buamaa asks what truth. Gauri says I know you hate Om, you want to kill him, you keep saying Om will go, Ratan will come, I knew this game is for Om’s child, you wanted to kill me, I acted to be pregnant to stay in that house and bring your true face out. Buamaa says you played game with me, I will not leave you. Gauri says wrong happened with you, Ratan should have not died, think how you got hurt by my lie, you are lying to everyone, what about showing fake love to Om, it was not Om’s mistake. Buamaa says it was his mistake, Om had to die and my Ratan died, Om will go and then Ratan will come, you want to know how, I give poison to Om, I apply tilak to him, I made poison myself, I thought if second baby comes, I will finish Om by poison.

Buamaa tries to kill Gauri. Gauri shouts to Om. Om comes. Buamaa says its good you came, she is not pregnant, she is a liar. Om stands in front of Gauri.

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