Dil Boley Oberoi 7th July 2017 Written Update

Dil Boley Oberoi 7th July 2017 Written Update by Amena

Dil Boley Oberoi 7th July 2017 Written Episode

Om says I want to know who is Gauri, one I met in Bareilly or one who is here, I realized my mistake, I m sorry. Rudra says mission got completed. Bhavya says I have to stay here for some days. Some time before, Buamaa says I give slow poison to Om, family would not know, you spoiled everything, I have to get Om marry, you have to die. She strangulates Gauri. Gauri shouts to Om for help. Buamaa gets shocked seeing Om. Om gets in front of Gauri. Buamaa says she is a liar, she is not pregnant. Om says I have seen everything and heard what Gauri said and what you said. Buamaa says no. Om shouts enough, not a word anymore, I heard how your Ratan will come and Om will go.

Om says I can’t believe what she did, all her love was a show. Jhanvi says no, she said what she thinks is true. He says
its about intentions, her intentions were bad. She says she has gone through a lot. He says Buamaa has to accept truth today. He goes. Buamaa sings lullaby and sees Ratan’s pic. Om comes and says Buamaa, Ratan… She says Ratan will surely come. He says Ratan won’t come. She asks how dare you say this, Ratan will come. She cries and says that girl lied to me, my Ratan will come, I m waiting for him. She faints. Om holds her. The photo frame falls and breaks.

Commissioner says well done ACP Bhavya, your plan and mission was successful, it was not a small thing to use Oberois son. Rudra looks on. Commissioner says you have used him as sacrificing sheep. Rudra recalls Bhavya. Bhavya shows Rudra. Commissioner says oh Rudra, this mission would have not been successful without you. Rudra says Bhavya lied to me, I m glad to be of some use. He goes.

Jhanvi says doctors checked all reports, Buamaa has lost her mental balance, if she stays here, it will be dangerous for us, we have to send her to mental asylum. Dadi says what are you saying. Om says its a hospital, its good for her, she will get fine. Jhanvi says its good Gauri got to know about Buamaa, else Bumaa did all planning to kill Om. Om recalls Gauri saving him and Jhanvi. Buamaa thinks I did madness drama so that you think I m mad, not a criminal, I will come back for my Ratan.

Bhavya says locket is fake, it has no chip, Rudra does not know about it. Commissioner asks where is real one, it has imp info, it will be in Oberoi mansion, you have to go there again, we need it.

Gauri thanks Lord for helping her do wife’s duty, now Om is fine, I have to leave from here, take care of Om. Saathiya…..plays….. She gets leaving and stumbles. Om forwards hand. She goes ahead. He holds the curtain which she held. Om asks are you going somewhere.

She says where will the bird go, back to nest. He says Bareilly, is it necessary to go. She says now I have no reason and right to stay here. He says if I say, don’t go, stay back. She cries and asks why, do you have any reason, I know you won’t have any answer. He says maybe I misunderstood you. She says you never understood me. He holds her hand. Om says I want to understand you, I want to know who is Gauri, one I met in Bareilly or one who is here, I realized my mistake, I m sorry, stay back atleast now.

She asks why shall I stay here, so that you ask me to leave from this house, you are not understanding, I got myself insulted by you a lot, I would have not left anyone doing so, but it was you, my husband, you asked me many times to leave, but I came like shameless one, as your life was imp to me than my respect, before you insult me and make me leave, I will leave from here. Om says its strange, I told you to leave and you did not do, today when I m stopping, you are going, stay back. She says you don’t accept this marriage, by what rights shall I stay. He says you did a lot for my family, by being Chulbul and my wife, don’t take decision in hurry, take some time, just think about it, you believe in Lord, ask him, maybe he tells you, what happened. She says I can’t think when you are around. He asks what shall I do. She asks him to go. He says what, this is my house. She says fine, I will go. He says wait, I will go, just think about it. He goes.

Rudra enters his room and sees Bhavya. He asks what are you doing here, mission completed, what do you want from me. She says it did not complete, I have to stay here for some days. He asks why, are you not done of lies. She says country needs us, I will not move back from doing my duty. He says even if you cheat anyone, what about my family. She says I told your entire family that I m an undercover cop and came here for a mission, so I will stay here.

Shivaye shows the cake. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya laugh. Anika says you just have our cake left. Shivaye punches the cake. Anika and Shivaye swear cake on each other’s faces.

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