Nazar 18th October 2018 Written Update

Nazar 18th October 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Nazar 18th October 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Naman and Mohana silently comes to Guru Maa’s room. They are sleeping. Mohana says nurse can come here so we will take her to our room.
Family is coming to Guru Maa’s room. Naman is trying to lift Guru Maa. Family opens door. Mohana hides Guru Maa behind door. Naman opens door. Vedsheree says you here? Naman says I was looking after Amma, she is resting, you can meet her in morning. Vedsheree says we want to see her once. She comes inside and sees Guru Maa covered with blanket, Mohana is inside and Guru Maa is hanging from roof. Vedsheree is about to take off blanket but Naman says dont disturb her, she is sleeping. Vedsheree and others start leaving. Guru Maa’s body falls from roof. Family turns but Naman comes infront. Shekhar says we heard a noise, Naman says it must

be from outside, let Amma sleep, all leave. Naman starts leaving with Guru Maa. They take her from there.
Naman brings Guru Maa to Mohana’s room, he is reluctant, she says you do want to marry? He takes pillow and tries to adjust it, Mohana says you are useless. He asks her to kill. Mohana is about to eat her life.
Piya wakes up, Ansh asks what happened? Piya says I have to go to Guru Maa’s room, you stay away from me. Ansh says you still think I attacked her? Piya says I am sure. Piya comes to Guru Maa’s room and doesnt find her there, she shouts at Ansh if he killed her? Mohana stops, Naman and Mohana comes there too. Piya says to Ansh you must have kidnapped her. Ansh says why would I do it? its Naman. Naman says I left her here, where did she go? Ansh says we will find her. Naman whispers to Mohana that I will handle here, you go there. Avi says I will ask security.
Mohana comes to her room and sees Guru Maa’s missing from there, she says where is she?
Guru Maa is hiding in closet of Mohana’s room.
All are searching for Guru Maa in room. Mohana says oldie you cant hide so come out. She starts going towards closet but doesnt see her and leaves. Guru Maa is tensed. She hears Mohana leaving and comes out. Mohana comes back and says you cant play with me, remember?
Piya is searching for Guru Maa. Mohana starts to strangle Guru Maa, she is eating her life. Piya goes to Mohana’s room and opens door, she sees Mohana lying her on bed. Ansh says she here? Mohana says she must be sleep-walking and came here. Piya says I will stay with Guru Maa tonight.
Scene 2
In morning, family comes to garden and sees it decorated. Vedsheree says what is all this? Priest comes there and says you people are in danger, I have brought patal liquid to save you all. Vedsheree says how you found it? Flashback shows how Sushant gave it to him and asked him to use it wisely, he asks him to take care of it, Flashback ends. Priest says I had that liquid but someone stole it. Naman smirks and looks at his goons, Goon shows patal liquid with him. Naman thinks that I stole it so Ansh cant stop my wedding. Naman comes there dressed as groom, he says I thought to get married to Piya today and not be a burden on you people, Vedsheree and others are stunned, Naman says I am worried about Piya. Shekhar says we need to perpare for wedding. Naman says I have already prepared for wedding, just bring my bride. Vedsheree is reluctant and says I will bring Piya. Naman asks priest to bless him.

Saanvi thinks that Rishi can help to find more about Piya. Saanvi talks to Rishi, Rishi says Piya is getting married to Naman in this house. A maid is mopping and mistakenly kicks black stone, stone falls in Saanvi’s bag. Flashback shows how priest said that these stones are witch influenced, whoever is near it will be in witch’s hands.

PRECAP- Vedsheree says to Piya that all are waiting for you in mandap. Ansh says this is wrong. Vedsheree says Mata rani will decide if this is right or wrong. Guru Maa comes there and says Mata have already decided that Piya can be only of Ansh. Piya gets emotional hearing it.

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