Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2017 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2017 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pandit doing the puja with Anshika and other baby. He says puja completed, babies will be in peace and happy. Suhani gives Rekha’s baby to her. Servant brings a parcel for Dadi. Dadi takes it. Suhani thinks what’s inside the box. She hurriedly checks the parcel and sees a small box inside.

She opens it and gets two gold bangles. Pratima says gold bangles. Dadi says yes, I got this for Anshika. She asks Krishna to take it. Dadi goes. Suhani sits sad in her room. Pratima comes and asks her is she feeling good now, you wanted this, that Yuvraaj’s last wish completes. Suhani says yes, thanks. Pratima goes. Suhani says I felt Dadi will get that child here. She talks to Yuvraaj’s baby and says Dadi’s hatred for me got more than your love.

Dadi hides seeing
Krishna and Saiyyam and tries to reach the baby. Suhani says this game is over now, I have to talk to Dadi now. Dadi takes the bangles from Saiyyam’s room. Suhani sees Dadi and says what was she doing in Saiyyam’s room. Dadi sends Rekha to get lemon water. Dadi talks to baby and says its not your mistake, you have Suhani’s looks than Yuvraaj, Suhani should have not become my bahu, you are Yuvraaj’s ansh, I go these bangles for you, as it was Yuvraaj’s last wish, your future should have been good if you were not like this, you are like Suhani, so you can’t come my home. Suhani hears her and cries. Dadi makes the baby wear bangles.

Suhani comes there and takes the baby in arms. She hugs the baby and cries. Dadi looks on. Rekha comes and sees bangles. She says Dadi, I can’t take this, my daughter is not a princess. Suhani says she is not less than princess, she sat in puja and has equal rights on these bangles. Rekha thanks Dadi.

Rekha tells baby that Suhani is very good. She asks Dadi to always bless the baby. Suhani says I will always bless baby even if anyone wants or not. Dadi goes out in lawn. Suhani stops her and asks her is she trying to run. Dadi asks why, I don’t want to hear your lecture, Anshika will stay with Saiyyam and Krishna. Suhani asks her to tell truth to everyone. Dadi says none will believe you, they will call you mad, I will say you are lying, you want to get baby back.

Suhani asks do you think Saiyyam will believe your lie, he is my son. Dadi says you are lucky to have such son, but he is unlucky. She scolds Suhani. Suhani asks do you know what you did, you snatched Rekha’s baby, I didn’t know Anshika is premature, she got unwell that day. Dadi says Anshika got saved as she is with Birlas, poor parents could not save her that day. Suhani argues with her. Dadi says one thing is final. Anshika will stay with Krishna and Saiyyam, go from here.

Rags says very soon, everyone will know about missing things, what will I do. She thinks to do some job to get her passport back. She checks the job profile. She says just good communication skills and good personality is needed, I will get this job easily. Yuvani tells Bhavna that Rags did not react. Bhavna says she will not lose so soon, we have to make her accept things now. Yuvani says I thought she will share things with me, shall I talk to her. Bhavna says no, she is clever. Krishna comes and says Suhani has come. They go.

Pratima says why don’t we watch Bachhan’s movie today. Suhani smiles. Yuvani says we will see Ranbir Kapoor’s movie. Saiyyam acts like Big B and says we will see any movie which Suhani likes. Everyone suggest. Suhani tells dialogues. They all smile. Krishna says we will see Suhani’s performance. She reminds how Suhani has written the dialogues on board. Suhani recalls.

Pratima gets the cycles. Suhani says its their childhood cycles. Krishna asks Suhani to drive. Suhani says no. Krishna asks her not to get scared. Suhani says saying is easy, I m scared to drive cycle. Saiyyam asks Suhani to keep smiling, she looks good. Pratima says yes, your sad face does not look good. Saiyyam says Anshika is sleeping. Suhani thinks Krishna has right to know this is not her child.

Suhani goes to Saiyyam and thanks him. Saiyyam says we also had fun, our happiness came back without drama. Krishna says I know you gave me world’s happiness, best thing of Anshika is she has Ansh of Suhani and Yuvraaj. Suhani says no, she is no my daughter, she has no ansh of me and Yuvraaj. They get shocked. Saiyyam asks what is she saying. Suhani says yes, when she cries, I can’t console her, she doesn’t have my blood. Krishna and Saiyyam ask what is she saying. Suhani recalls Dadi’s words and says now I gave her to Krishna, she is Krishna’s daughter now. Suhani thinks to give them some solid proof.

Precap: Rekha asks the lady/Suhani to stop. Suhani in disguise talks of harming the baby. Dadi looks on.

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