Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2017 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2017 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratima talking to Yuvraaj’s pic about Suhani. She says I m trying to make her happy, but its tough as you are not here, she stays much upset these days, don’t worry, I will take her to farmhouse for some days. Suhani cries hearing her. Dadi scolds Suhani saying she is too bad, everyone is trying to make her happy and she is doing all this. Suhani thinks I have to bring out truth some how.

Its morning, Saiyyam reads news of somg gang, who kidnap babies and sell them, police has arrested that gang, but one woman has run away. Bhavna asks how can any woman do such a bad thing. Pratima says times have become bad. Bhavna asks where is Rags. Dadi says she went out for some work. Rags asks the man about the job. The man says its simple job, you have to deliver this
bag to client. She asks will you give me 40000rs for delivering this bag. He says yes, that’s the magic. Bhavna and Pratima look for Suhani.

Suhani comes there dressed as beggar. She takes the baby. Rekha shouts to stop her. Everyone stop her. Suhani asks them to move away, else she will kill the baby. Krishna asks Saiyyam to move back. Pratima asks Krishna to calm down. Suhani asks will he save baby, if he acts clever, I will not leave this baby. Pratima asks Dadi to call police. Suhani asks them not to call police. Rags asks what’s inside the parcel. The man asks what does it matter, you will be given details to deliver parcel, fill this form, we want your details to know if you did good work or not. She sees the money. He gives her advance. She agrees to fill form. He smiles.

Saiyyam asks how much money do you want. He tries to take baby and asks her for the last time. Suhani says yes, but you can’t give me much money. Dadi says tell me, how much money you want. Rekha asks her to give her child. Suhani says fine, I will just give one child. Dadi asks her to give her child, she will pay any amount, just give Yuvraaj’s child, I don’t care for anyone else. Rekha says we are from poor family, we can’t pay money. Suhani asks for 20 lakhs. Dadi says we just want one baby. Rags comes home and sees the drama.

Saiyyam says I will give 50 lakhs for both babies. Rags hides the bag. Suhani says I will just give one baby. Dadi says fine, we want one child, I will give my necklace. She gives her necklace.

Suhani asks her to take one baby. Dadi takes the baby. They all get shocked seeing Dadi taking Yuvraaj’s real child. Krishna asks Dadi what is she doing, take Anshika. Dadi says no, this is real child, I want this girl. Suhani says right, I will get a good price for this fair skin girl in market. Pratima asks Dadi what will we answer Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks Dadi what revenge is she taking from Suhani. Dadi asks them to stop it, as she knows what she is doing. Suhani asks Krishna to stay away.

Rekha asks Dadi to give her daughter. Dadi says this is my Yuvraaj and Suhani’s child. They all get shocked. Pratima says you are mistaken. Dadi says no, I m not having any misunderstanding, I have changed the baby in hospital. Krishna asks what are you saying. Suhani says Dadi is saying right. She lifts the ghunghat. They all get shocked seeing Suhani. Krishna takes Anshika.

Suhani says Dadi has said truth, she has swapped the babies. Dadi looks on. Saiyyam asks what are you saying, tell me the truth, is this girl Suhani’s daughter. Rekha says no, she is my daughter. Suhani says its not any misunderstanding. Pratima asks the matter. Suhani says I gave birth to my and Yuvraaj’s daughter, but we came home with Rekha’s daughter. Krishna asks how can this happen. Suhani says Anshika is Rekha’s daughter. Rekha says you maybe wrong.

Pratima asks did Dadi know this, why did she not tell us. Saiyyam asks Suhani why did she not tell them about hospital staff’s mistake. Suhani says Dadi did this alone. Pratima asks why will Dadi do this. Saiyyam asks Dadi to speak up. Bhavna says I will say, Dadi sees Suhani’s shadow in this girl, she does not look Yuvraaj’s child, am I right Dadi. Suhani says this is the reason, why Dadi made two girls away from their mum, Dadi thinks beauty is by fair color. Dadi says yes, its true, you may give lecture, but beauty makes person ahead, you got dark color in my family, I could not leave my generation to get ruined. Pratima asks did you sacrifice Yuvraaj’s child just because of color, did you hate Suhani so much that your love for Yuvraaj failed. Dadi asks her to stop nonsense and understand she is saying right.

Rekha says she is my daughter. Dadi asks why are you crying, we took care of your daughter so well. Dadi goes. Suhani apologizes to Rekha and everyone for not saying truth before, she could not blame Dadi without proof. Saiyyam says I can’t believe we were raising someone’s child as ours. Krishna hugs her baby.

Pratima talks to Yuvraaj’s pic and says I did not know why is Suhani upset, I could not do anything to relieve her burden, I know you would be upset with Dadi. Suhani comes and says Dadi’s truth had to come out, she cheated us. Pratima says no, I did mistake. Suhani says I did mistake to hide big thing from you.

Saiyyam says I can’t think Dadi will do this. Krishna says I will never forgive Dadi, I hate that woman. Pratima says that’s why you were crying that day. Suhani says yes, I told you I don’t feel any love for Anshika, when I got to know this baby is premature, I felt strange as her blood matched with Rekha’s husband, not us. Pratima says who thought Dadi will do this. Suhani says she is still the same, after so many years.

Suhani asks Dadi how dare you touch my daughter, everyone is shattered, if fair skin person has good heart, then why are you such, despite being fair.

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