Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th May 2017 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th May 2017 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I did not say anything, Dadi always insulted me, today she has done a big thing, I will not bear this, Anshila is my daughter, I will not lose her. Suhani says don’t know I did right or not by getting truth out. Pratima says this was tough, but it was imp, Rekha had right on her daughter and we also had right to get our daughter here. Suhani says yes, but what will happen now. Pratima says we have to give babies back to their mums, it wil be tough, but we have to do this.

Rags gets the bag to her room. She says Suhani and this house’s drama never end. Dadi comes there and asks where are you going. Rags says nowhere. Dadi asks did I do wrong. Rags says no, you did right, Suhani will pressurize you, don’t come in her words, I have seen you have
gone through a lot to raise Yuvani, you can’t bear this. She keeps the bag aside and goes with baby.

Rekha’s husband talks to his mum. He says this girl is not ours. Rekha says we won’t let this happen. Suhani comes there. Bhavna and Yuvani come to Rags’ room. Bhavna says everyone is there with Suhani, we have to solve this together, if anyone knows Suhani has sold jewelry, their tension will get high. Yuvani and Bhavna get the bag and try to open it. They hear someone coming. Krishna cries and says no. Rekha says I can understand, how can I give my daughter. Suhani says when the girls grow up and know you did not change them after knowing truth, they will be hurt, its wrong for mums, not for daughters, mum has to think for baby first. She exchanges the baby.

Rags comes to room. Bhavna says Yuvani is adamant and wants to talk to you. Yuvani asks Rags to come with her on shopping. Rags thinks did they see anything. She gets message and thinks I have to deliver parcel today. She asks Yuvani to go with Bhavna. Yuvani asks what to do now, how to find out what’s in that bag. Bhavna says don’t know, come. They go. Rags checks the bag.

Suhani and Dadi have an argument. Dadi says poor people don’t care for fair and dark color, it matters to rich people like us. Suhani says this happened because of you, how dare you touch my daughter and swap her, you first see your deeds, everyone is shattered because of you, Krishna has always tolerated what you did, today she is also speaking up as you did wrong, you think fair color means heart is good, then why are you such when you are fair skin, your heart just had black color, I m glad my daughter is not fair, if fair color people are like you. She goes.

Its morning, Rekha asks Krishna to see Anshika. Krishna takes care of Anshika. Saiyyam helps Rekha about managing Anshika. He says everything will be fine. Krishna says their village has no hospital, how to manage her. Rekha’s husband says we should give Dadi to police. Pratima asks what are you saying. The man says Dadi knew this, the babies could not sleep all night. Suhani asks why to call police, truth has come out. Rekha says Dadi tried to hide truth, she was trying to send us away, we thought her heart is big. Dadi says you are still here, you should be thankful that your daughter is in good house. Rekha says don’t show your money to us, we don’t want such luxury. The man asks Dadi to use her money to save her, we are going to police station. Rekha thanks Suhani for everything and says we will not leave Dadi.

Rags comes to deliver the bag. She messages the man, asking how will she identify the client. The man replies he will identify you and pay the rest of the money. Rags asks him to tell her about next delivery. She thinks Dadi and Suhani’s daily fights happen, why shall I ruin my life, I have to do something for myself, everything will go to Suhani. The man comes and asks her for the bag.

Pratima asks Dadi to apologize. Dadi says I did mistake to accept Suhani as my bahu, I should have kicked her out. Suhani says I will leave from here, what will happen, the blame on you will not end. Dadi asks her to stop nonsense, its better I go jail than getting a dark skin baby home.

Rags asks for money. The man says first give me the bag. She asks him not to cheat and give money first. The man gets the money from his pocket. They hear police siren.

Krishna asks Suhani to see Rekha leaving. Rekha asks what will we do staying here. Rekha’s husband says we did not call police. Suhani thanks him. Rekha sees Suhani’s baby and cries. The baby cries. Rekha stops.

Rags asks the man why is he afraid. He says police and runs. Inspector sends constable after the man. He asks Rags to open the bag and show what’s inside. Rags gets worried. Rekha runs to baby and asks how shall I leave her and go. Suhani asks Rekha to stay back, Krishna loves Anshika and Rekha loves Gudiya, there will be some motive, we will think of this as Lord’s wish and agree, both the girls will grow up with both mother’s love.

Suhani tells Krishna about Krishna’s two mums, Devki and Yashoda. Krishna asks how can you tolerate so much, you stayed away from your daughter, how do you get so much courage. Pratima says don’t know how Suhani gets courage, she has fought for the girls and their future. Saiyyam says yes, mum did a big thing, none can do this. Rekha says I did not think this can have any solution, but Suhani made everything fine. Pratima says Suhani will always stand for help, we shall try not to have such problem again, Lord gave you good chance to raise two kids, its your duty to give them good values and raise them together with love, don’t let any annoyance occur, try to maintain happiness in family. Saiyyam and Rekha’s husband promise. Pratima says we will not let the babies cry now.

Dadi says you are not lucky as Suhani, you were fair and did dancing, Yuvani used to hide behind you as she was dark, you will regret a lot, this same thing will happen with this girl. Krishna says she is my daughter. Suhani looks on.

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