Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2017 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2017 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krishna crying and apologizing to Suhani. She says you became my Yashoda maa, but I could not become your daughter, I have become your bad bahu. Suhani says its good to become bahu, who always stays with saas, daughters go away after marriage, forget everything, stay happy now, for me, yourself and Yuvraaj. He is seeing you from heaven, do you want to see him upset. Krishna says never. She smiles and hugs Suhani.

Inspector asks Rags to open the bag. Rags worries and thinks what to do. She asks inspector to talk with respect. Inspector asks constable to call lady inspector. Rags thinks how to solve this mystery. Yuvani says do you think Rags will know we changed the bags. Bhavna says I don’t care, just check what’s inside. Yuvani says how to open this. Bhavna says
we don’t know password, if Rags comes, she will come we changed bag. Dadi comes. They hide the bag. Dadi scolds Yuvani for hearing her insult silently. Yuvani says whatever you did… Dadi says everyone used to corner you in childhood, I kept you away from Suhani so that people don’t find you foolish like Suhani. Bhavna says you did wrong to make baby away from mum. Yuvani asks would you have given me to someone this way. Dadi says I should have given you also, you cheated me, you don’t know what I did for you. She goes. Yuvani cries.

Lady inspector comes. She asks Rags to open the bag now. Rags says I don’t know password of this bag. Inspector asks her not to lie. Constable opens the bag. Rags says I really don’t know what’s inside, my boss gave me this bag to give it to this guy. They check the bag and see….

Yuvani says we will open this bag. Bhavna says we will open bag later, when heart is upset, one should cry, it feels light. Yuvani says no, I won’t cry, I m wheatish, its not my mistake, none has right to call me bad because of my color, I just have to stop Rags, none’s beauty can defy someone’s good or bad. Bhavna calls her right. Yuvani and Bhavna check the bag and get shocked seeing drugs. Bhavna says you stopped Rags from doing this. Yuvani says Rags is selling drugs. Inspector asks Rags is she giving toys.

Rags says yes, I was giving him toys, you have no reason to arrest me, so I m going now. She goes. Krishna and Saiyyam get Suhani to surprise her. Krishna says we want to thank you, I thought I won’t become of one baby, but now I have two daughters. Saiyyam opens the blind fold and shows the surprise. Rekha shows Suhani’s pic with both babies. Everyone smile. Suhani asks when did you take this pic. Saiyyam says I m your son, I will not ask to do this, we both everything two. Pratima says I think they should have two Dadis. Bhavna stands with Suhani and says two Dadis. Pratima says our Yuvani is their only Bua. Yuvani says no Bua, only Yuvani, I will become their best friend.

Rekha says I did not think my daughter is so lucky to get such a loving family. Suhani says we are lucky, she is Laxmi, since she came, there is happiness at home. Rags comes home and gets some jewelry to deposit in bank. She says I have managed everything well, I m perfect for this business, I will meet that man and ask for more work. The guy asks what’s this toys, how can this happen. The other guy says it means she has run away with drugs, maybe she has hidden that bag somewhere.

Rekha asks Krishna about the cradle. Krishna says Yuvraaj made this cradle, Yuvani and my naamkarann happened in this one. Suhani gets the baby. Bhavna and Yuvani check for any details about the man. Bhavna says there is no clue, it means Rags did not leave any clue. Yuvani shows the ad in newspaper. Bhavna says its a company ad, we have to get them caught.

Pratima does tilak to Suhani’s child. Suhani says her name will be Riddhi from today. She gives baby to Krishna and Saiyyam, and asks them to become her courage and teach her color does not matter, life does not stop, she is much beautiful, she is my and Yuvraaj’s last ansh, you both have to take care of her. Krishna smiles. She tells the babies that they will be always together, they will be best friends. Dadi looks on.

Krishna talks to Riddhi. She says Yuvani used to make excuses of tan and skip competing in race, you won’t do this. Dadi says this girl won’t get any nice guy, she won’t be lucky like Suhani, you used to dance and Yuvani used to sing, as you were fair, Yuvani used to hide behind you, this will happen with her also, she will hide behind Anshika’s fairness, you will understand this. Krishna says her name is Riddhi, she is my daughter. Dadi says you will regret a lot. She goes. Suhani looks on.

Suhani plays with babies. Pratima asks where did everyone go. Suhani says I have sent Anshika’s parents for movie, everyone else went out. Pratima says I was going temple, I can stay back. Suhani says no, I will spend time with Anshika and Riddhi. She says we will go out and do something for Riddhi. She takes Anshika in lap and leaves Riddhi crying in the cradle.

Dadi says this is my house. Suhani says you did not see anything in me to accept me. Dadi asks her to get out.

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