Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th May 2017 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th May 2017 Written Update by Amena

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi saying I know Yuvraaj is not here. She sees the family members. They show the old pics to Dadi. Dadi cries seeing Yuvraaj’s pic. Dadi calls him out. Pratima takes the babies and asks Dadi to accept Yuvraaj’s baby, she will feel good. She says I m also trying to forget Yuvraaj’s death. Dadi takes Anshika and hugs her. Suhani asks Dadi why did she not take Riddhi, why did she take Anshika. Dadi asks why, you said Anshika is part of this family, why are you upset, don’t you love Anshika now, do you think she is servant’s child. Pratima defends Suhani.

Dadi says she tells I behave badly with everyone. Saiyyam asks her why did she not take Riddhi, they all know Anshika is her fav. Suhani says let me talk. Saiyyam says I want to know, what can be the reason,
Riddhi’s color, this is called bad behavior. Suhani asks Dadi why does she hate the baby so much. Dadi says I live my life with my principles, I don’t want to argue much. She goes.

Yuvani comes to Rags. Rags makes excuse of meeting a friend. Yuvani asks are your friends coming at night. Rags says yes, my friend is coming to pick me. Yuvani says I will come along and goes to get her bag. Rags says I can’t take Yuvani along, how to refuse her now. Dadi talks to Yuvraaj’s pic and says they are asking me proof of my love, even you did not understand my love, else you would have not married Suhani, you are so handsome, your two daughters are wheatish, I can’t accept that girl, she looks like Suhani, I don’t see you in her, sorry.

Rags acts in front of Yuvani and tells her that plan got cancelled. She says it won’t look good if we all meet now. Yuvani asks Rags to sleep now, its late. Rags says I m much tired, you go. Yuvani goes. Rags throws her purse angrily.

Pratima sees Yuvraaj’s pics and cries. She says nothing changed till now, I got Suhani to change the thinking, but Dadi’s thinking is still same, I tried a lot, but maybe I was not made for this work. Suhani comes and consoles her. Pratima says I don’t understand, Yuvraaj is not here to fight for Riddhi. Suhani says Dadi will accept Riddhi, you remember what he used to do, he used to support me always, he always wanted Dadi to accept me, he never lost, he did not let me break, he stood as my support always, from today I m your Yuvraaj, Dadi has love for Riddhi and is not expressing. Pratima says how to find out.

Suhani says don’t know, when Yuvraaj did not accept me, you gave me courage, I stayed here and kept my marriage, I got Yuvraaj back, I will become your courage now. Pratima says I m always with you. Suhani asks her to stop crying, does she want her son to taunt her. Pratima says no. Suhani hugs her.

Krishna makes A on kerchief. Rekha calls Krishna talented. Krishna asks her to get habitual to all this, and take the threads. She asks Rekha to make rabdi for her. Rekha says sure, when I was pregnant, I used to like milk products a lot, what did you like when you were getting Riddhi. Krishna gets sad. Yuvani tells Bhavna about Rags. Bhavna says we have to rush and stop her. Saiyyam says I will say why Krishna did not had cravings, she always kept eating. He makes Krishna smile. Rags says its better to jump from window than telling everyone where I m going. Bhavna comes and asks what was she doing. Rags says nothing. Bhavna says we have to shut windows fast, thief is roaming around. Rags locks her cupboard. Bhavna asks her to come fast.

Rekha feeds the rabdi to Krishna. Krishna says this is your house also, and feeds her sweets. Rekha says my daughter is lucky, I m getting much happiness, I don’t regret to die now. Krishna asks her not to say this and hugs. Suhani comes and gives them little silver anklets for babies. They go to make babies wear anklets. Pratima says we will make tika for babies, Dadi will do tika for them. Krishna asks shall I make them wear these frocks. Pratima says why not, they will look beautiful, we do this puja on Poornima night, as light is very bright on such night, it makes baby restless, we make this tika to calm them.

Suhani asks them are they ready. They say yes, we will manage. Suhani asks them to go and get massage done. They all smile.

Dadi says my jewelry is missing. Bhavna and Yuvani is disguise tell them about Rags selling jewelry.

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